What's new at Bearer.sh: New Dashboard, Log Collections & Built-in Anomalies Detection

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Today, we are releasing major updates to Bearer. They include a new dashboard, a rebuilt navigation, and improvements to many of our existing features.

Each improvement has been designed based on your feedback and with your developer experience (DX) in mind.

Here’s a short overview.

🎉 New Dashboard

New Features, New UI. Designed for better readability, ease of navigation, and packed with cool new features.

The Dashboard now presents the top 4 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will give you instant insight into your app’s health, performance, and reliability. Select each one to see a detailed overview!​

​We created four brand-new sections: Health, Errors, Performance, and Requests. Each provides specific insights into your API behaviors, along with a detailed graph so you can dig deeper into each KPI.​

👀 Log Collections

Located in the Logs tab, collections are now the centerpiece of our logging capabilities and represent a reimagining of our logging approach.

We have two kinds of collections:

  • The built-in collections, dedicated to logs captured by Anomaly and Remediation rules.
  • Custom log collections, defined by your own needs.​

We have also updated the interface to provide a clearer understanding of what each rule is matching, when it was last triggered, and convenient access to the logs generated by the rule. Find out more about these new changes in our dedicated blog post.

⚡️More built-in anomalies detection

We now provide a built-in set of 10 Anomaly rules and 2 Remediation rules to keep you notified and take automated actions when something wrong happens with your API integrations.

PS: Anomalies rules are enabled by default within your application. Just remember to update your notifications settings to receive an email, a Slack notification, or even a webhook when an API rings the bell.

🐻 And many more…

We have also updated some other parts of Bearer, including:

  • Adding new settings that can be enabled at the environment's level (learn more).
  • Re-architecting our infrastructure using Rust (read our blog post).

👉 Give it a try right now

Try out all these new features right now. No need to add Bearer to your stack. Clone one of our demo apps and experience what Bearer can do in seconds (click on your language to give a try):

That’s a lot for the past 2 months 😅.

As always, hit reply to get in touch to share your feedback, ask us a question or schedule a demo. The whole team is here to help and talk.

The Bearer team

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