What's new at Bearer: new pricing, tags, and team management

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First, have you tried the new Bearer?

As a reminder, it monitors and provides alerts in real-time on all your current API usage, while not being a proxy nor a single point of failure. You always remain in total control of your data!

β€‹πŸ‘‰ Get started now!​

It takes 1 line of code to install and no code changes. Feels like magic? ✨ Learn how it works.

Introducing new pricing

Get started with 1 million API calls per month for free, then upgrade to the pro or business plan for even greater features. Once again, no more reason to not try it today! πŸ€“ See pricing

Our new pricing page

Tags 🏷

Organize your APIs by tags and then use those tags as data filter across the dashboard. You can create as many custom tags as you want to fit your internal organization. Create a new tag

Example of some tags to filter APIs on the dashboard

Team management

From developers to QA, to support, invite everyone in your team and grant them real-time access to your API usage. Invite a team member

Team invitation and management

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As always, feel free to reach out for a demo, questions, comments or feedback. The whole team is here to help and talk.

The Bearer team.

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