What's new around APIs in Oct. 2020?

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Happy October! It's a big month here at Bearer. Summer is over, the teams are spinning up for lots of new initiatives in for the fall, and as always the API-related news is flowing. Have any thoughts on the newsletter or a story you'd like to contribute? Reply to this email and let us know.

We are also collecting responses for a survey on how developers use third-party APIs. We'd love it if you could take a few minutes to lend your thoughts. With that, let's dive into this week's newsletter.

What we've been reading...

The Evolution of APIs in Open Banking
Our own Tanguy Joannot recently wrote an overview of how FinTech companies can use APIs, but this article over on Nordic APIs dives into the world of Open Banking. It's a great primer if you aren't familiar with the happenings in that space.

Using Statuspage? You'll have to update your integration
Statuspage, the service acquired by Atlassian in 2016, has made several changes to their API regarding how to handle rate-limits. Some endpoints have lower limits, the HTTP code is now standard (429) and the failed requests will include a Retry-After header.

Google’s Supreme Court faceoff with Oracle was a disaster for Google
Ars Technica has a good overview of the current state of the 10-year-long battle between Google and Oracle over Google's implementation of Java APIs on Android. Not directly linked to most service APIs, but a story to watch for the state of copyright in the API world.

What's new on the Bearer Blog

This month we took a deep look at Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and how they can impact your business. We also explored some more hands-on technical topics in our article about Request Timeouts and an introduction to Node.js performance hooks.

If you're entering a new market or looking for a run-down on specialized API segments, we also launched a new section of the blog dedicated to specific parts of the API industry. We call it Industry Insights, and it launches with overviews of Travel, Ecommerce, and Fintech.

Latest improvements to Bearer

Bearer now supports Endpoint Detection 🎉. You can now see more granular data for APIs with multiple endpoints by drilling down into the API from any of the graphs on the dashboard. Give it a try today by selecting "ENDPOINTS"  to see a detailed perspective of the API.

Endpoint monitoring has landed

You can keep up with the latest changes to Bearer by following our changelog.

Microsoft has launched Azure Communication Services, a direct competitor for rich communication providers such as Twilio. The API offers Voice and Video Calling, Real-time Chat, SMS messaging, and Phone Number provisioning. The service is currently in Preview, but most features will be available by the end of October. Learn more.

That's all for this month! Again we hope that you liked our new format?! If so feel free to share it with your friends, colleagues, and Twitter followers. If you want to share a link to appear in the next edition, or make a suggestion, feel free to hit reply or tag us on Twitter (@BearerSH).

—The team at Bearer

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