What's new around APIs in Nov. 2020?

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Top 5 API-focused articles and resources that we have been reading this month. Did we miss anything cool? Let us know @BearerSH.

Shadow APIs are Putting your Business at Risk

How many APIs does your organization rely on? A 2020 study by Slashdata found that 89% of developers use APIs.

APIs have Taken Over Software Development

There are about 19.1 Million API Developers in the World. Nordic APIs analyses the impact of the API trend on software development.

Webhooks vs WebSub - A comparison

Deep dive on the pros and cons of Webhooks vs WebSub (an open protocol for distributed pub/sub communication) and when to use them.

Redefining API Discovery With Compliance and Security

Another great piece from Nordic APIs on "API Discovery", i.e. the process of finding the right API that meets your business and technical requirements. You will learn that Google and Microsoft have respectively 183 and 132 public APIs. Finding the right one isn't as easy as you might think.

What You Need to Know about Unofficial APIs

Unofficial APIs make their way into the news every few months. In this article we dive into some of their uses and how they can affect your applications.

Our featured API this month is api.video. If you've built any kind of video uploading, processing, and streaming system you'll know that it can be a massive undertaking. api.video allows developers to integrate video upload, streaming, and sharing directly into their apps. They have a full REST API, along with SDKs available for most languages.

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