We have a surprise for you (hint: it’s an integration)!

We are very happy to be able to reveal today a side product we have been working on for the past months 🎉

We believe that even the best technologies in the world are useless if people don’t understand what you can do with them. That’s why we are excited to show you a first result of what Bearer’s unique technology can do.

So, let me introduce you the ultimate Slack Notification integration for any App!

This integration enables any developers to add a Slack Notification feature to their App — for free and Open Source!

We know this is a story is staling at the bottom of many Product Backlogs and that is not surprising. Focusing on your core product is usually more important than building xyz integration when you know how time-consuming it is. Still, you’d love to have one. Your wish are now fulfilled :)

Make sure to check it out now: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/slack-notification-for-your-app

We’d be happy if you can share some love with us on Product Hunt ❤️

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