Private Beta Launch πŸš€

After months of insanely hard work, we proudly launched last week the first release of Bearer as a Private Beta πŸŽ‰!!

The vision we shaped almost 9 months ago with my co-founder CΓ©dric Fabianski is now taking form in the best possible way, thanks to our amazing team.

With this first release we provide a first look at most pieces of the puzzle we are assembling a Framework, a PaaS and finally a Developer portal.

The team have been working with some exciting tech, we can mention TypeScript & Transpiler (welcome AST), WebComponents, Serverless, Terraform and many more.

Bearer couldn’t have been envisioned without most of those technologies, thanks to the Open Source World and their contributors, be assured that we are going to give back very soon!

Feel free to reach-out directly to hello [at] if you’d like to learn more about Bearer and get access to the Beta.

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