Monitor every API in your Codebase with our Private Beta, Today!

I'm happy to officially kickstart the private beta of a new addition to Bearer's product, focused on monitoring APIs already present in every developer's codebase.


The way Bearer has been working so far is by helping developers use new APIs to build integrations. We do this by removing the need to use yet another API client, managing credentials, dealing with OAuth, and monitoring their usage.

We love it and developers do too, but many of them asked us what to do with the existing APIs in their codebase.

After many discussions, we realized that when it comes to APIs, monitoring is a critical aspect, especially with third-party APIs, and yet most applications lack it. Why? Because those APIs tend to break, and most importantly, developers don’t find out about it until it’s way too late.

With the introduction of our universal API client we started to solve that problem, but when it comes to existing integrations we realized most developers won’t rebuild them with our client.

We also realized that traditional APM, as good as they are, are not great when it comes to monitoring APIs you rely on because they tackle the problem from an horizontal angle.

Introducing the Bearer Agent

As you know, at Bearer, we’re super-focused on developers and their usage of APIs, and we think we are well positioned to help with the monitoring aspect too.

Today, I’m happy to announce that in addition of our universal API client, we’re adding an in-app monitoring agent to our product line to help with all the APIs you already rely on!

With one line of code you get access to in-depth logging and metrics, helping your business rely on other’s APIs!

With this additional approach to Bearer we’re now able to help manage existing integrations, as well as build new ones.

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