Introducing remediations, Python support and more...

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I hope you are doing well with this never-seen-before-worldwide-lockdown. The whole Bearer team is locked down as well, but still improving your beloved product!

We have a lot of updates and awesome new features for you to explore today. Here is a short overview to get you started!

🎉 Introducing remediations (aka circuit-breakers)

Having issues with some APIs? We’re introducing remediations to help with them. Especially if you have intermittent network errors, call limits, timeout issues, or simply need to impose your own usage limits (think about those costly APIs 😅).

Bearer lets you create remediation rules to protect your app and improve its reliability. To start adding remediations today pick one of the default rules or create your own now.​

PS: Using remediations requires at least Bearer Agent v3.0. Using a previous version? Have a look at the migration guide for Ruby or Node.js.

🔐 Better security and data privacy

To increase privacy and keep you in control, we have added more settings. From the dashboard, you can view the APIs that have been detected and decide which to activate (or not). No data will be shared with Bearer before you give us the “go-ahead”.

And for even more control, you can decide log levels API by API (whether full logging, errors only or metrics only). This drastically reduces the amount of data shared with Bearer and works in combination with our built-in automated sensitive data filtering feature. Learn more about these new changes.​

👀 Clearer and wider anomalies panel

The dashboard now gives you the full picture of the anomalies that have been detected on your integrations. You can still be notified when an incident occurs, but now you can do more. At a glance, look at all the requests impacted, tag the severity, or create a notification, right from the new anomalies panel.

PS: We’ve also added new default rules and settings to make anomaly detection even better and avoid some false positives with call threshold limits.

⚡️ Dynamic environments

Production, staging, and development. Bearer can monitor all your environments to help you understand what’s happening in each one of them. Now Bearer automatically detects your environments, so you don’t have to worry about adding it manually. Learn more about how it works.

🐍 Now available for Python developers

Last but not least, Bearer is now supporting Python (in beta). Say hello to the little brother, which adds up to the Ruby and Node.js versions already available. Monitoring your HTTP requests, detecting anomalies, and logging are all supported features in this beta. The remediations are coming soon. Get started with Bearer’s agent in Python.

That’s all for the past 2 months 😅.

As always, feel free to get in touch to schedule a demo, ask us a question or give us feedback. The whole team is here to help and talk.

The Bearer team.

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