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Cédric Fabianski and I have the pleasure to officially announce the new product we have been working on for the past six months, please welcome Bearer!

After working together for over 10 years in the SaaS Industry as developers, vendors & CTO, we have witnessed a dramatic change in how we build and consume applications.

From few applications to the current exponential growth, the initial SaaS promise of simplifying everyone’s life is rapidly vanishing. Gluing this ecosystem together is becoming critical. Vendors spent the past 5 years opening APIs, meaning we now have the foundation to build integrations. Unfortunately, today working on API Integration remain painful, costly and isn’t scalable!

With Bearer we are crafting the ultimate technology to build plug’n play and reusable API Integrations, helping developers & companies get the most of APIs.

Our journey is only beginning, but we are very lucky to already count onboard with us amazing Business Angels, VCs and most importantly a very talented and dedicated team.

If you recognize yourself in this pain, let us know, we will be more than happy to spend time with you discussing how we can help.

Stay tuned with our Twitter account.

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